Kitten on a Stone Wall

Kitten On A Stone Wall by Ann Mullen

Wood Art by Ann Mullen

I have always been drawn to natural elements – plants, stone and wood.

I worked for years with plants in garden centers, “big box” garden departments, and my own wildlands. The interplay of light, graduation of colors, and changes through the seasons never cease to interest me. My home in Brimfield offers many, many possibilities to work with stone – in fact you can’t sink a shovel anywhere without unearthing several! The variations in color and texture are endless and I have used the ones we found to build stone walls, stone garden borders and free standing “sculpture”. And I use them in my wood art.

But wood is special! I particularly like the effects of weather, sun, and time on wood and have found that these are highlighted with pallet wood. Lowly pallet wood - begged off friend’s trash piles or found offered up on road sides and businesses’ dumpster stacks – concentrate all the colors, textures, erosion effects, and aging into relatively small workable areas.

When I began working with pallet wood less than two years ago I held myself to all natural and found materials – peeled bark is particularly wonderful – and simple “scenes” such as a squirrel on a branch. Lately my work has been progressing into more involved pieces, such as barns, houses, and sheds, with some mixed media and craft objects added but I still keep them overwhelming nature found and handmade.


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