Budding Artist

Budding Artist by Sandra Burke


Sandra Burke

Before moving to the Pioneer Valley in 2004, my husband Dennis and I had resided in New Hampshire for over 20 years. In the fall of 1994, as I approached my 50th birthday, I fulfilled a lifelong ambition, that of attending college! Five years later, having completed a year-long studio thesis in Stone Lithography, I graduated from Plymouth State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.

I have painted with oils and pastels for over 40 years. I have also worked as a printmaker using the techniques of Stone Lithography, as well as line etch, and the woodblock print. Additionally, I draw with a “silver stylus” to create silverpoint drawings, a technique practiced during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, long before graphite pencils were available as a drawing tool.

The various paintings, prints and drawings that I derive from these processes are a celebration of the natural world. Close observation of nature is fundamental to my work and I enjoy drawing directly from nature whenever possible.


Oil Painting/Silverpoint/Printmaking




Mason Jar with Flowers by Sandra Burke
Cosmos with Yellow Rose by Sandra Burke
Heading Home by Sandra Burke