Sailing Under A Golden Sky

Sailing Under A Golden Sky by Patricia Bonnett


Patricia Bonnett is an artist who is passionate about watercolor painting. She has been taking classes with Alexandra Walters, learning to find her own style. It has been a process that has given her calm and joy that resounds throughout her daily life. Her pieces are an expression of mindful living, particularly when she is working in abstract form. When water and color are allowed to flow and meld, beautiful designs are created that appeal not only to the eye but also to the soul. Watercolor allows the artist to express designs that can make you pause and see beyond the ordinary.

She is a member of the Quabbin Art Association. She graduated from Western New England University with a B.S.B.A. and an MBA.

Her studio, Expressive Art Designs, is in her home in Belchertown, MA. You can see pictures of some of her paintings on her Facebook page Expressive Art Designs.





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