The Key To My Heart

The Key To My Heart by Darlene Bergeron-Burns


Darlene Bergeron-Burns is a passionate, self-taught artist who truly believes art is an exposure of life experiences and a deep expression of one’s soul. Darlene sees art as a continual way of “holding onto” and a “means of letting go.” Whether it be with words, art media or found & treasured objects, each piece she creates allows her to delve into her inner self and reflect her emotions on canvas.

Cleansing, therapeutic, peaceful and fulfilling, Darlene embraces art as an outward release from within, keeping in mind, there are no mistakes in art.


Mixed-Media Collage




Lovebird by Darlene Bergeron-Burns
Sunflowers by Darlene Bergeron-Burns
Unable To Leave by Darlene Bergeron-Burns