Late Summer Zinnia (Oil on Canvas)

Late Summer Zinnia by Maureen Solomon

Artist Bio

Maureen Solomon is a writer, poet, photographer, potter and painter. She has lived in Monson, MA for 45 years with her husband, Richard. Her sons, Brian and Sean grew up in Monson and are now successfully living their lives. Maureen owned her own graphic design and writing business for many years. Her civic life has been dedicated to the Monson Arts Council, where she has been active in producing the organization’s Spring Art Exhibit for the past 26 years. Since retirement she has been studying and creating in her favorite art forms.

Artist Statement

I create my art mostly for purposes of discovery. How will this oil paint work to help me make an image that is exciting and different? What can I do with clay that is unique and fun? Will this painting show you the mystery in what I see? How can I use my camera to penetrate the ordinary scenes of life?

My inspiration comes from many brilliant artists including Jerry Uelsmann, a photographer of inspired montage, Matisse, whose vivid interiors are so gloriously alive, and Van Gogh, whose fearless creativity I emulate wherever possible.

I owe any skill I possess to the love and kindness of my teachers, who have somehow seemed to understand where I want to go. I thank Juliet Bacchas, sculptor and potter, the late Roberta Wilson, painting teacher extraordinaire, Richard Solomon who has given me the tools to make or photograph any and every image I can ever imagine and Emile Tobenfeld, genius creator and philosopher of spontaneity in art.

Finally, I am grateful to be alive in this century, grateful to have a home, a garden, a studio, paints and brushes, good health, food to eat and, especially grateful for the many many wonderful friends whose support and love I try to return.





Cape Cod Bay: Evening (Digital Image) by Maureen Solomon
Necklace – Blue Ceramic Heart, Crystal Beads by Maureen Solomon
Goodby Too (Raku Fired Ceramic) by Maureen Solomon