Canoe Respite

Canoe Respite by Deborah Sacon


Deborah Sacon began private drawing lessons when a teenager and creating art with her friends on Saturday mornings at the Museum School in Boston. Soon after, she graduated with a B.F.A. in painting, from the University of Massachusetts in 1986. After some time away from art making for family and a teaching career, Deborah rediscovered painting as an integral part of herself. Deborah spends summers on site, creating scenes en plein air. “I enjoy the challenge of painting a live subject, capturing life as it seems, detailing motion, as when cows or horses graze or when water is caught by the breeze, or depicting the landscape with only essential brushstrokes and shapes. My goal is to share that moment in time with others”. Deborah Sacon has shown her paintings around Massachusetts.







Peace in the Valley by Deborah Sacon
Goulet Cow Late Afternoon by Deborah Sacon
Artwork by Deborah Sacon