Pumpkin Farm

Pumpkin Farm by Alan Izatt

Alan Izatt, Artist Statement

I began drawing while in high school, then later became more interested in painting after getting out of the service and have attended art classes at local senior centers on a part-time basis over the past 25 to 30 years.

Now that I am fully retired I get to spend more time painting at the senior centers and at home. I’m thankful for the excellent instruction offered at the teaching centers, and for what I have leaned regarding materials and proper equipment. I’ve also learned a lot from the other aspiring artists who were attending these classes.

I have a strong interest in photography, which I find to be a great tool in capturing subject matter ideas for paintings. Many of my pieces are done from photographs I have taken locally or while traveling. My primary interest is in landscape scenes. I also have been learning more about still life compositions, floras, animal portraits and seascapes. In addition, I have the means to do my own matting and framing, having learned this over the past several years.






Desert Dancers by Alan Izatt
Skimbles Dream by Alan Izatt
Air Traffic Control Geese by Alan Izatt