Amethyst Ribbon Shawl - hand knit using a ribbon-type yarn

Amethyst Ribbon Shawl by Dale Gardner-Fox

Dale Gardner-Fox, Artist Statement

I grew up in a farming community where crafting handmade items was expected and valued. I’ve been knitting and crocheting since childhood with mom teaching me how. The yarns available these days provide a perfect canvas for me to explore color and texture. I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy beautiful things so I try to keep my prices as low as possible. Mountain To Seas Knits came into being when I had exhausted my family and friend’s need for hand knit accessories. I grew up in Vermont and travel to see my sister in the Bahamas or Florida knitting or crocheting wherever I am - Mountain to Seas. Having now retired from a career as a Physical Therapist and co-founder of the CCATT assistive technology center with the Collaborative in Northampton, I am enjoying even more time to design and create items from the fabulous fibers available. I participate in a number of craft fairs in Western Massachusetts including the Mattoon Street Fair, the Big Brothers Big Sisters Holiday Fair and the Old Deerfield Holiday fair. I also have items at the Easthampton Crystal and Mineral shop and at Outside the Box in Ludlow. Please check out my website for an updated listing of shows and shops as well as a gallery of items I’ve crafted.


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