Isaiah 40: 28-31

Isaiah 40: 28-31

Artist Statement

Roger Duffy
I'm a fine artist specializing in pen and ink illustrations on the word of God. I have been involved in world missions for 30 years. Twenty of those I have lived and traveled in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Uzbekistan and the USA working on building projects and seeing to the needs of the poor. Always being called upon to teach and preach God's word. I believe that God is relevant in our lives and in the world today. I try to depict the beauty of the world we live in, with the truth of God's Word on paper. I have shown my work in many fairs, juried art shows and galleries in Western Mass. and other states. I have studied at Washington School of fine Arts, George Walter Vincent Museum of fine Arts and Berkshire Community College as an art major. I am always challenged with Pen & Ink and with all it's limitations in the medium and the time it takes to creatively illustrate a thought or feeling about God's Word. I am always so thankful just to hang an illustration on the wall after it is finished and start the next illustration. Many artist strugle with what medium to use and try a little of everything (and that's ok), but at the age of 17 I first picked up my first ink pens and fell in love with what you can do with just ink on white paper. From that time foward I have always kepted a little ink on my fingers and illustrations on the wall.


Pen & Ink




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