Norwottuck Rail Trail

Norwottuck Rail Trail by Sue Dion


Sue Dion is a life-long resident of the Pioneer Valley and has been an artist for over 50 years. She has a degree in Fine Arts from Westfield State University and continues to learn from a variety of local artists. Dion draws her inspiration from a wealth of resources, and her ongoing, reverential, and keen observations of nature and all things in her visual world have continued to propel her to paint and draw. An admirer of the Impressionists, Dion enjoys trying to capture and play with the effects of light, space, and multiple colors found in her world. As an ongoing part of her development, the artist has recently joined the Amherst Plein Air Society and continues to attend local exhibitions to learn and be inspired by others’ work. Through most of her work, Dion tries to convey feelings of celebration, wonderment and serenity. Her hope is to share this passionate vision with others. If interested in purchasing any of her works, please contact the artist.






Thistlebloom Farm by Sue Dion
Field of Dreams by Sue Dion
Belchertown Community Farm by Sue Dion