Artwork by Anne Cohen

Anne Cohen

Though my education and career were in mental health, my life has been about art. I began in childhood by drawing on anything and everything, though I was much too shy to take a class. As an adult I became skilled at stained glass, fine silver jewelry making, and champlevé enameling. Finally, by the strange twists and turns of life, I began the study of watercolors. From that moment I knew I had found my creative home.

What has always drawn me to art is that it calls me to be fully present to the exquisite and ever-changing world around me. It reminds me to breathe it in and feel it. These are the feelings that I try to bring to my work. My paintings, though always falling short of the moments that inspired them, are my song of gratitude, wonder and love.






The Lake by Anne Cohen
Mother Love by Anne Cohen
Clementines by Anne Cohen