Quabbin Island

Quabbin Island by Les Campbell


Les Campbell will turn 92 in August of this year. During the past 70+ years of his life he has passionately pursued the gentle art of amateur photography as a hobby. During this time he has become widely recognized and frequently honored for the excellence of his photography and for his many contributions to community and to the field of his chosen art.

Through his photographs, the generous sharing of his knowledge and insights and especially his highly acclaimed multi-projector audio visual slide presentations he has brought joy and inspiration to thousands.

Although he has exhibited extensively throughout this country, today he only exhibits locally and rarely does one man shows. He does, however, have on exhibit hundreds of his images matted and framed and available for purchase in his two galleries located on his Sky Meadow homestead on Ballou Street in Belchertown, Ma. Here also will be found many fine photos by his associate and co-worker, Elaine Darr-Morton.

His galleries are open on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons but anytime by appointment.

“Of all the resources crucial to man’s creativity and survival, none is more vital than his spirit. The Quabbin Reservation provides a rich source of inspiration and motivation for a wide diversity of artistic and scientific enterprise. Here amidst the quiet beauty of a remote and natural place, one may discover and embrace that mystical spark which ignites and replenishes the eternal flame of human spirit.” Les Campbell






Defensive Barn Owl by Les Campbell
Ware Spires at Dawn by Les Campbell
Hummingbird by Les Campbell