Artwork by Charlotte Burns

Artist Statement

I am Charlotte Burns, a retired teacher, who finally has the time to spend on my lifelong passion, painting. I was once a fixture in the high school art room, drew for the literary magazine, and graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth (SMU back then) with a BFA in painting. After earning a certification in art education, I taught for a year as a permanent sub art teacher in Palmer, MA. From there, I drifted into special ed, and for 25 years art went on the back burner. I never lost my love of drawing and have filled dozens of sketchbooks over the years. Some people smoke; I draw. And of course I always drew for the kids. Now I’m retired, and I get to paint.

I’ve studied for 3 years with Louise Minks of Leverett and have taken various workshops with other local artists: at Workshop 13 in Ware with Roc Goodreau, Gary Lippencott, and Susan Pecora, at the Norman Rockwell Museum, and the Worcester Art Museum. I enjoy painting with the Quabbin Art Association’s plein air group, and working from live models at Workshop 13.

The natural world and trying to capture the souls of people and critters, are favorite subjects, which I paint in a loose, impressionistic style, using a variety of mediums, most frequently acrylics and water color pencils. A also enjoy working in oils, water color, pastels, oil pastels, water soluble crayons, and ball point pen. I am fascinated by the interplay of colors. I love drawing cartoons that poke fun at our distressingly sad political situation, as well.

I’d be lost without this pastime and the community it has given me. I have a few good years left and hope to take this as far as I can.


Acrylic, Oil, Pen/Ink, W/C Pencil




Artwork by Charlotte Burns
Artwork by Charlotte Burns
Artwork by Charlotte Burns